Wednesday, October 12, 2011

035; anime! high art - pop culture

last week i went on an anime exhibition with my japanese course. my teacher is so cool and does things like that. :--D it was in bonn and so it has been lil bit expensive...... i think :c

but in fact it has been really cool. we didn't learn as much as i wanted but still it was very nice. ;_;

i love my japanese course because there are just cool people except one random guy. vivien, david, marcel, robin. alica and lena are on this picture.

i have never been in bonn before. it was lovely there but really nothing special. it just looked like any other random city. :---( i always thought it was big and amazing. but i thought wrong.

this is fat me in hentai heaven. ♥

before we left we bought this bubble tea. and it tasted so horrible that we couldn't drink more than 1/4 :-------C

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