Wednesday, October 12, 2011

034; twessen

anytime last month i went to any lame twitter party with carina and jan eric. our gay friend wanted to go there so badly... and so we did. :---) but yes i don't even like twitter that much... and i didn't know anybody there.
i just always feel so  awkward at parties. :c

because i felt so weird we left after any 2 hours already. we went to eat any poor kebab stuff. :--( srsly it was so strange there.... i bought just any salad for 2€ and at that bitch wanted me to pay 4€. >8----(

when i bitched lil bit around she gave me 50 cents back. that bitch didn't even know how expensive this fucker salad was. :ccccccccc i hate that motherfucker forever.
whatever .... then i tried to eat my salad with a plastic fork. as you can see in that photo it failed JUST A LITTLE BIT :------DDDD

an other scary thing there was this. you come inside the shop and look at the pictures. aha, food, food... kebababababa... salad... alright... food... food... a girl. srsly wtf is that :---) OVER THAT FUCKING MEAT WERE TWO PICTURES OF ANY MUSTAFA GIRL.
did they wanna show what you're eating? the fuck was that. XD

after this fail we went to this lil café. it looked so cute and i really wanted to order something here ;_;

i just love to take this kind of pictures. me making a fail face, and my friends normaly in the background. ok i'm so unfunny. :c


this wanted to become a funny photo. but yes. no comment. i'm looking like jan eric's mom ;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;;D;DD;;D

i think carina is looking so fucking cute in this picture. ;_; me failing around and jan eric... looking just normal.

a funny picture. me again looking like an fucking idiot and the others just... normal. : |
god, why do you hate me so much?

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