Wednesday, October 12, 2011


carina i miss you and if you won't have time next weekend i'm gonna kill you :-----------C i hate you bitch.

my life has become even boringer than usually. i don't do anything at all anymore. :--D just resting around. just thinking about nothing. staying all night awake even tho i don't even want to. i'm becomming sick i guess.  my throat is hurting (höhöhöhöhö, ok not funny). i guess i just... dunno.. wanna die or something. 8)))

my katzischatzilein loves my grannykittybag. ;_; i dunno she is just so fucking cute.

here are derpy-maid-me and herpy-school-me höhöhöhöh. here you can see so well why i hated my hair so much. it always looked so fucking brown. :--C

i'm afraid of going to school.

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