Monday, October 3, 2011

029; shopping

ohai. this weekend i did a lot of things. and well yes.

day before yesterday i met tinka and we were chilling in duisburg. in fact nothing special. but it was nice to see her again. before our meeting i bought some shoes.

i thought that the black ones are so fucking cute. ;_; even tho i just wanted to buy some flat shoes. they're so perfect. ;_; these other ones were just any randoms. i didn't want just black shoes. D:

btw tinka gave me some fakelashes which she bought in japan. i thought they were nothing special but cute so i could try them.

the problem was just that my real lashes are almost longer... XD but i still like them. ♥

ok so yeah. yesterday my sister and me went to my daddy's place. we drove to dortmund and went into a new shopping center called thier-galerie. pretty building but we didnt have so much time. im going to see it maybe next weekend. but so here is what i bought.

these leather pants are so random. i dunno i just saw them at the store and bought them because i thought that they are fucking hot. but really... this is totally not my style and i don't have anything to wear with it. D: but at least they're fucking hot.

finally i bought my dream coat. ;_;

vivien gave me this pokémon shirt. i was so fucking happy... it is so cute ;_;

im so in love with these earmuffs. ;_; they are so bad made and scary looking but i fucking love them. more kitties. ♥

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