Wednesday, October 12, 2011

036; new haircolour

i have been really unhappy because of my haircolour lately. :--C that right picture is my hair before. that left one after.

  see the difference

i hated my hair so much because i thought it was so fucking boring. :c i always wanted a... wine red... magenta red.. pink red.. whatever you wanna call it...
but i always just had any boring random brownred. i hated it so much :---( then now i just bought any expensive hairdye and voilá! finally my hair is like i've always wanted ;_; i'm fucking happy now. ♥

looks so yummy ♥ almost like anti-baby-period-blood


  1. you're lucky I had the same problem ;)
    mine is ugly red brown after coloring it with brand called "schwarzkopf" I will never use it again...If you want a really good red look for "directions la riche"
    have you bleached it? the right picture?

  2. no i didn't want to bleach it and so i went into an hairdresser shop and asked that woman for a colour for really dark hair. and well yes she gave me one and i tried it. if you want i can tell you how this colour was called. D:
    and no i didn't bleach in the right picture neither.