Monday, October 3, 2011

030; kermess with vivien

today was a really nice day. first vivien came over and in fact we just wanted to derp around. but then we went to my grandparents place.

there was a small kermess. ;_; it was really nothing special but really nice.

this thing here was so fucking fun. we went on it like 3 times. it was too funny because vivien was looking like a fucking unicorn. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD oh god really that was too good. ♥ whole time this 'im so sorry im so sorry...bvouasfhviaoseggashb' screaming and laughing. oh boy,,, we're so weird.

later we bought some ice cream. but it tasted like fucking shit. :c

a really fucking ugly picture of us but yes. i look like a trannytranny and vivien looks like a hamster. XD

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